Workshop /Rencontre d’Art / Provence


from 14 to 28th of september 2014 Ponte Cultura  invited 18 artists from Brazil, France and Germany to join in St. Dézéry , little village, near to the beautiful medieval city Uzès in the mediterranean region of South France (Languedoc)

Malika preparing wonderful dinners

In Uzès Art Gallery ‚La Verrière‘  we started the active programme with an art show and performance (Nathalie Fari)   on 18th (to 30th of september)
Saturday 20th of september  one woman theater presentation by Geneviève Lézy  et Joel Drouin ‚la voix et son être‘
and next day, Sunday 21st of sept.14 followed another highlight.  The Group Carmine presented medieval
Musics in St. Dézéry little medieval church . 
Followed by a Cevennes trip to see megalith culture Menhires and really old little stone house villages
from 23rd to 25th of september the painters were on work in the recently restaured Temple of Collorgues.
A wonderful experience for all artists.
the hanging results:
and all artists together……
the  ‚doers’………. Marianne and Peter Stueve    
and Inga Thieme, our unfortunately absent ‚ghostwriter ……..
thank you to all photographers:  Andrea Altemueller, Enêdia Schcolnic, Lisa Haselbek, Marianne Stüve, Stefani Peter and Peter Stüve

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