Stadtbibliothek Nürnberg
24.09.- 16.10.200


When a ‘real’ constellation of stars is viewed at the same time on two different evenings with an interval of a few weeks between, it will appear to be the same. But if the interval is lengthened to six months then the constellation will have made a 180° shift in its orientation. However, after one year, the constellation will appear to look exactly the same, as if no time had elapsed.

By taking a constellation out of its usual context, and re-creating it, it becomes a new, yet still, constellation. The original – and sparkling - lights then have the potential to be re-viewed with a different awareness of their apparent movement in time, their radiance, their presence.

One constellation, Corona Borealis, visible for most of the year in the night sky over Nürnberg, is the basis of the work for "Zeitlupe - Cámera lenta".